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Onion skinning is a term for a technique used in creating 2D animations to see several frames at once. In traditional animation, the individual frames of a movie were drawn on thin onionskin paper over a light source. The animators would put the previous and next drawings exactly beneath the working drawing so that they could draw the 'in-between' to give a smooth motion.

We’re changing the way motion design education is done

We’re changing the way motion design education is done

Motion design education is broken. Colleges and universities can no longer keep up with the rapid pace of technological evolution and its impact on society. Digital media is too broad and dynamic to be wrapped up in a traditional curriculum.

This is why we founded onionskin, an innovative motion design program. Onionskin is tailored to and driven by each student’s professional goals and personal needs. It’s a place to hack motion design secrets with the help of industry experts, mentors and your fellow students.


You’ll be working on real-world briefs, and you’ll acquire skills in line with current and future industry needs. Your learning won’t end here. You'll choose your guns and how to tackle a project.


The journey will be tailored to you and driven by you. But that doesn’t mean you have to take it alone! We're building a motion design community based on fellow students, mentors, and anyone passionate about motion design.


Industry hardened mentors will share their personal stories to inspire you. Change is the only constant, so we’ll give you insight on how to adapt to new situations and challenges.


Real-world briefs are just a part of the story. You will learn to organize your assets and optimize your workflows so you wouldn't freak-out when working on a client's gig.

Our team

Our team

Lithuania based motion-design duo brings experience to the table 👇

Lithuania based motion-design duo brings experience to the table



Vaidas Chmieliauskas

A highly-skilled freelance motion designer with a focus on 2D animation. Having worked on a unique animated typeface for Philadelphia 76ers, custom Snapchat geo-filters and a number of moving typefaces published on Animography Vaidas is a true craftsman.



Matas Zaloga
Matas Zaloga

Creative hustler. An art director with a focus on motion design. He started a motion design studio whilst at the university. Was part of a team working on FIFA WC 2014 video branding. Produced work for clients like LinkedIn, Olympic Channel, and Reuters.

We're spreading the love for motion design from Vilnius, Lithuania 🇱🇹


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We are a collective focused on the power of motion design

We are a collective focused on the power of motion design

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